Three Popular Wine Coolers

One thing that wine lovers all over the globe have in common is that the flavor and the characteristics of wine should be enjoyed at maximum quality. Sometimes it is the subtle tastes that can make a wine most enjoyable. However, there are a range of factors that can effect the fidelity of a good wine. Therefore, preserving the wine in the state in which it was meant to be enjoyed is one of the biggest priorities for a wine connoisseur. Some wines that are stored in the right conditions will even improve with age!

Keeping wine at a cooler temperature or keeping a wine chilled is one important aspect of preservation. Industry experts agree that a good storage temperature for wine is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 12.5 degree Celsius. If a wine is stored too cold it can compromise the seal of the cork. While a wine stored too hot will spoil the flavors that characterize the wine, which is known as becoming “cooked”. As you can see it can be a balancing act when it comes to getting the right storage temperature.

The effects of overheating or storage at an inappropriate temperature can damage even the best of wines. Hence, why many wine enthusiasts utilize the space of a cellar or a basement for wine storage. Unfortunately, for the average person this isn’t really an option, and in many countries houses are rarely built with basements or cellars that can be used for wine.

These factors are the reason why a good wine storage unit or wine cooler is a wine enthusiasts best friend. Suitable storage is specifically designed to preserve wine at its best state. From setting a temperature perfect for the wine, to rack designs that allow the wine to sit in the perfect position, wine coolers are the perfect storage option. They will also guard against other aspects like humidity and lighting, both of which can also have a detrimental effect on wine.

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